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Hole in One Competition

YOU COULD WIN £1,964 (as at 17 September 2014)

Get a Hole in One when playing the Sawgrass Hole on the Repton Short Course for your chance to win.

How to Enter

  • £1 entry fee
  • Pick up an entry form at Golf Academy Reception
  • Play seven days a week during Golf Academy open hours
  • All entry fees will go into the prize fund which will increase until someone wins, at which point we'll start again!

For more information call 01423 873400 

Terms and Conditions apply: * Minimum cash winnings will be £500 for the first hole in one, after which the prize fund reverts to £200. 



1. Entry must be part of a full six hole playing round.

2. The Hole in One is based on the 5th Hole (Sawgrass) and the players first shot from the white tee (137 yards).

3. Golfers can enter more than once (no limit) and an entry fee must be paid before starting the round.

4. Player must have a witness (no claim on single play attempt)

5. Repton score card must be stamped at Reception when paying.

6. No age restrictions apply.

7. No Handicap is required.

8. Only amateur golfers can enter.

9. PGA Professionals can play but not win.

10. The winner will be presented with their prize at a time that suits Rudding Park Golf.

11. Minimum cash winnings will be £500 for the first hole in one after which the prize fund reverts to £200.

12. Competition can be changed or cancelled by Rudding Park Golf without prior notice.