Making our guests smile

Many hotels will say they ‘go the extra mile’ but what does that mean? At Rudding Park, Harrogate we use our initiative to wow our guests, making them smile along the way.

Here are a few examples of what makes us different:

Tantrums to Smiles
One of our younger guests (a little girl) was very upset crying, and didn’t want to go in to the Restaurant.  Akef, Breakfast Supervisor, took some of our chocolate ‘dotties’ (ladybirds) and created a little trail of them from reception through to the restaurant.  The little girl thought this was great fun, soon stopped crying and made her way into the restaurant collecting the ‘dotties’ as she went!

Last Minute Wardrobe Malfunction
A guest bought a new dress for a special occasion.  As she put it on the zip broke, however it was too late to get it fixed.  Denise, one of the housekeepers went home to pick up one of her own dresses to lend to the guest.

Rudding Park to the Rescue
A guest had a flat tyre and was due to be at a meeting.  Carlos, one of the Hotel Porters replaced his tyre so that they wouldn’t be late.