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April – Wild Garlic Soup

IngredientsServes 4

1 white onion, peeled and chopped roughly
1 leek, chopped and washed
125ml white wine
2 sticks of celery, washed
Approximately 100g of wild garlic (two large handfuls). Make sure this is well washed and drained dry.
2 pints of chicken or vegetable stock
Salt and pepper if necessary
Vegetable oil for frying ingredients


Simply fry the onion until soft in a pan with the vegetable oil.

Add the celery and leek and continue to cook until soft. Add the wine and reduce by half.

Add the wild garlic and cook down briefly. Add the stock and bring to the boil and when the wild garlic is soft, add the other ingredients and simply blend in a food processor until smooth.

Then pass this through a sieve to make a smooth soup, correct the seasoning and serve.