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Alternative Holistic Therapy

Our range of Alternative Holistic treatments.

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We would like to make guests aware we offer reduced midweek prices, outside of the peak times which are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays and some seasonal dates.

Complete Stress Soother

Rudding Park Spa Hotel Harrogate

2 hours

This strengthening therapy uses powerful ingredients in a targeted full body scrub to keep adrenal function at optimal levels. Naturopathic warmed adrenal
packs direct the healing benefits of vetivert, pine, cedarwood, ashwagandha and pfaffia. A restorative Tibetan massage follows using warm poultices to
face and body.

Mon- Thurs: £140
Fri-Sun: £155

Eternal Light® Healing

Rudding Park Spa Hotel Harrogate

40 minutes OR *20 minutes

Affiliated by the Institute of Complementary Therapies

Lie back and enter a deep relaxed state as high vibrational energy, similar to Reiki, is channelled through the therapist’s hands for your physical, mental and emotional benefit.

This very gentle and non-invasive treatment helps bring about healing on many levels, leaving you with a deep sense of well-being.

*(Add-on treatment, must be booked with another treatment)

Pre-booking essential

Mon-Thurs: £43 (40mins)
Mon-Thurs: £ 24 (20mins)
Fri-Sun: £58 (40mins)
Fri-Sun: £39 (20mins)

Ayurvedic Head & Eye Massage

Rudding Park Spa Hotel Harrogate

35 minutes 

Complete stress relief using drops of frankincense essential oil allowing the mind to drift into deep relaxation.

This is followed by a massage to the shoulders, neck and head to harmonise the nervous system, whilst a dedicated massage using anti-ageing serums revitalises the eye area.

A potent form of healing leaving you renewed and restored. Perfect for stressed minds, imbalance, sinus and headache sufferers.

Mon-Thurs: £43
Fri-Sun: £58

Foot Reflex Heaven

Rudding Park Spa Hotel Harrogate

40 minutes 

Refresh and support tired, aching feet after a long day. Begin with a spicy foot scrub and foot massage to melt away tension using sandalwood and vetiver oils.

The whole of the nervous system is rebalanced leaving you centred and serene.

Mon-Thurs: £48
Fri-Sun: £63

Oncology Massage

Rudding Park Spa Hotel Harrogate

50 minutes 

Following a thorough consultation with your specialist therapist this treatment will be tailored according to your specific requirements.

Gentle movements help to relax the mind and body for a soothing and nurturing experience.

Please be advised that booking restrictions apply which will be discussed at time of reservation.

Pre-booking essential

Mon-Thurs: £60
Fri-Sun: £75