EV Charging

Step 1
Plug your cable into your vehicle and charge point socket located closest to your parking bay.  The charger will auto-detect which side you have plugged in by ‘Flashing Blue’.

Step 2
Present your card or mobile phone. The charger will ‘Flash Green’ whilst charging and ‘Solid Green’ when fully charged.

Step 3
(when sufficiently charged)
Unplug your cable and you will hear and see a ‘thank you’ message.

Step 4
‘Press for Receipt’ will appear for 15 seconds, where a QR code will appear on screen for 60 seconds. Scan QR code to receive e-receipt to your phone

Please Note: Payment will authorise/appear higher on your online banking under “pending transactions” once the payment settles the actual amount will appear correct on your bank statement to what you have used.