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Wellness of mind, body & soul

Rudding Park Spa recaptures Harrogate’s spa heritage using spring water from the grounds at Rudding Park.

A limited number of exclusive memberships are available to ensure maximum enjoyment of the facilities for all members and guests.

MEMBERSHIP FEES FROM 1 JUNE 2021 Individual Joint*
JOINING FEE (one off payment) £250 £350
MONTHLY FEES Individual Joint*
NEW - Spa and Golf Membership £3,500 £5,500
Full Spa Membership with Gym and Studio Access (Monday to Sunday) *Waiting List Closed* £189 £322
Full Spa Membership *Waiting List Closed* £142 £228
Midweek Spa with Gym & Studio (Monday to Thursday) *Waiting list closed* £135 £240
Midweek Spa (Monday to Thursday) *Waiting list Closed* £90 £144
Off Peak Spa Membership with Gym and Studio Access  (Before 9.30am and after 6.30pm Sunday to Friday) £136 £240
Off Peak Spa Membership (before 9.30am and after 6.30pm Sunday to Friday) *Waiting List Closed* £90 £144
Gym and Studio Only Membership £70 £128
JOINING FEE (one off payment) £50 N/A
Nail and Beauty Studio Membership £50 N/A

Joining fee is a one off payment. This is required for all Memberships excluding Nail and Beauty Studio.
*Joint fees are based on two applicants at the same postal address.

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