CSI Investigate From £2,100

Picture the scene….a heinous crime has been committed and the suspected criminals have been arrested.  However, the investigation team has done a sloppy job and has down tooled to go and attend a team building event before finishing the case. Therefore, it is down to you and your team to become CSIs for the day and ensure that the case is concluded with the correct killer or killers in custody.

Teams must race against the clock to get to the truth and eliminate any wrongly accused suspects by learning and applying a series of investigation skills. If you want to take people right out of their comfort zones and throw them a whole bag of curved balls, look no further!

Problem solving
Logic & reasoning
Time management
Leadership & decision making

For this activity we would suggest a running time of 2 – 2.5 hours, depending on numbers

Price from:

20 guests - £2,100
30 guests - £2,600
40 guests - £3,100
50 guests - £3,600
100 guests - £6,200

To book, contact events@ruddingpark.com or call 01423 844 884  

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