Lock Box Challenge From £1,800

The clock is ticking, you have seconds remaining - can you crack the code to get inside the flight case? Sounds like a simple task? It’s only a padlock and an unusual key in the way! Frustration kicks in. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Debates ensue, leaders change; can you crack the case?

This an energetic, fast paced, engaging event which is sure to get all team members involved and working to a common goal, but of course with the added dose of fun!

Problem solving
Lateral thinking

For this activity we would suggest a running time of 1.5- 2 hours, depending on numbers

Price from:

20 guests - £1,800
30 guests - £ 2,300
40 guests - £2,700
50 guests - £3,100
100 guests - £5,300

To book, contact events@ruddingpark.com or call 01423 844 884  

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