Green Policy

Although Rudding Park prides itself on providing a high quality, comfortable and safe environment for all guests and staff, we are conscious of the impact we have on the environment and it is therefore our responsibility to minimise wherever possible any detrimental effects our operations may have.

In addition to delivering this commitment we will also:
• Understand the environmental impact associated with all of our operations
• Comply with relevant environmental legislation
• Incorporate environmental management into our day to day business practices where possible
• Minimise the waste we produce and increase the amount we reuse and recycle
• Wherever possible source environmentally-friendly, local products and services
• Work with our guests, suppliers and contractors to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment
• Promote awareness and provide training for our employees to ensure environmental issues are kept at the forefront of everyone’s mind
• Regularly monitor and report on energy use
• Review our targets annually
• Identify and explore opportunities to reduce wastage

All our waste is sorted and recycled to reduce landfill. Our food waste is sent to an anaerobic digester to be converted into biogas and fertilisers.

This policy statement will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains applicable
to the activities at Rudding Park Limited.