Woodland Spring Bathing A new experience to share...

from £50 per person

Suggested Ritual

  • Apply your Moorish Face Mud
  • Drop in your Mineral Bomb
  • Order Drinks via QR code or your welcome host
  • Remove face and magnesium mask after 30 minutes, washing in fresh water
  • Use cold shower by your tub (warm available!)
  • Take-away Retail Mud and Body Scrub
Call 01423 844 822 or email reservations@ruddingpark.com to book

A new wellness experience


Currently unavailable 

Hidden in Woodland is a new experience – Woodland Spring Bathing. Taking its cue from the purity and simplicity of nature, you will find two private fresh water tubs so you can relax and soak, immersed in the surrounding landscape.

Rich in magnesium, calcium and sodium, the water – from the Rudding Park aquifer – has no added chemicals, and no chlorine. Put simply; it’s the freshest, purest water and with sustainability in mind; the water is maintained at a constant temperature using excess heat from our energy centre.

Your personal host will welcome you and prepare your tub whilst you change. They will also be on hand to serve cocktails, Champagne or a refreshing beer throughout the experience. Your tub awaits…

Place a Magnesium Mineral ‘Bomb’ into the water whilst you self-apply a Moorish mud mask to your face. Following a luxurious soak, explore the juniper log sauna, cold water bucket shower and perhaps take a swim in the indoor pool. Alternating between exposure to heat and cold, offers a number of health benefits including; alleviating aches and pains, lowering stress levels, increasing blood flow and circulation, not to mention a boost for the mood.

Imagine, sharing this experience with a partner, friends or family. It’s time to step into your private tub, take a deep breath and relax.

Add on experience for Spa Day guests and Residents with Roof Top Spa access:
Monday to Friday: £50 per person
Saturday to Sunday: £65 per person

Duration of Experience: 60 minutes

To book: call 01423844822 or email reservations@ruddingpark.com 

T&Cs: Payment at time of booking. Cancellation 7 days prior to arrival. Subject to availability at time of booking

Inclement weather– only when the Woodland Spring bathing is closed due to inclement weather will your experience be exchanged for the equivalent priced spa experience available on the same day subject to availability. Should Woodland Spring Bathing be open and you decline to have the experience in inclement weather, no refund will be made.