Danielle and Gemma Saturday 1 January 2022

Danielle and Gemma tied the knot on Saturday 1 January 2022 with a beautiful ceremony and reception in the Radcliffe Room. 

In this friends to lovers story, their wedding was like their proposal - filled with sentiment and personal touches. With an incredible circular wedding ceremony, the pair tied the knot in a moment shared with family and friends.

With a nod to the seasons, their styling oozed glamour and sophistication. Think emerald green, oyster and champagne gold accents! 

Read on to find out how they fell in love, chose their suppliers and how a live streaming and cue cards became part of the ceremony. 

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Danielle and Gemma captured by Mat Troke Photography

So, how did you two meet?

We met several years ago about 2002, through a friend (who would be one of our bridesmaids) although we did not get together until 2008. Although we liked each other neither of us really fancied each other. This came a lot later.

When did you know they were 'the one'/how did they pop the question?

Gemma asked me (Danielle). It was my 40th birthday and we had gone to Whistler skiing. Gemma had arranged 40 presents and number 38 was a story book all about our lives together. On the very last page it said “one day is today”. This is a reference to me always asking Gemma to marry me in random places and her reply always being “one day”. I was completed shocked and didn’t know how to respond. Present 39 was my ring and it still took me 20 mins to say of course I will.

What was the biggest MUST HAVE for your wedding?

Other than ensuring our wedding was entertaining and fun, we wanted a circle formation for the ceremony. We didn’t like the idea of people being at the back so wanted everybody to be able to see. This took some organising and a lot of cutting out of paper to make it work. I loved our set up and have RP, Touch of Charm and Event Music to thank for pulling this together.

Other than saying 'I do', what is the most unforgettable moment from the day?

During the wedding breakfast, we had opera singers and for a very short moment, whilst all our guests where busy watching we sat back and whispered to each other to take a look around and take it all and each other in. It was probably the only point in the day we were able to have a moment and it meant so much.

Which supplier was a real stand out for you? The unsung star who deserves a special mention.

We had great suppliers but the stand out has to be the hairdresser Lottie Haigh. From the moment Lottie arrived she help with button holes, dresses, sick children, locating flowers and stayed with us right to the end. She even walked me to the the top of the stairs. I will be forever grateful for Lottie who was the calm in a hectic morning of people getting ready.

What was it in your eyes that gives Rudding Park the WOW factor?

We visited RP as our first romantic weekend break together. This was before the Follifoot extension. We fell in love with the place and the people. We have continued to visit for many years and during one NYE we decided that if we ever got married we would want it to be at RP in the old house, just like NYE. On the day RP made it extra special by ensuring we got what we wanted. The flexibility of RP approach means your wedding is bespoke to you. I mean everybody wants to think they are the only one to want to get married and the venue is special to just them, which of course is not true but with allowing us to be so free and from seeing other weddings at RP each one is so different it makes it feel really special to us.

How did you style your space? Did your wedding day have a theme?

We decided from the start that our wedding should look elegant and reflect the building but should be fun. We didn’t want any dull sections in the day where guests are looking at their watches. As it was a winter wedding we wanted to reflect this without being obvious. We decided to keep it natural with emerald green and champagne gold.

What is your funniest memory from the day?

Not funny but the most entertaining was the opera singers. What we enjoyed was watching our guests enjoy our day.

What's the best advice you could give to couples who are about to tie the knot at Rudding Park?

Trust the process. It’s hard as it the only time (hopefully) you plan a wedding but RP do this weekly if not daily. We wanted to nail down decisions early but from the venue’s POV there is plenty of time.

And finally, we'd love to hear about your experience with Rudding Park....

RP were great and our guests loved being at the hotel for our big day. The food at our wedding was highly commented on and we were really proud to be able to offer a wide selection and good quality food. I guess it’s the details. RP made sure our day run smooth as as to our expectations. Special mention to Amy who was our wedding day coordinator. She was amazing and from start to finish handled everything.

Supplier Dream Team:

Photographer: Mat Troke Photography
Videographer: Jo Gendle
Florist: Flowers by Colette
Styling: Touch of Charm
DJ/Band/Entertainment: Event Music
Hairdresser: Lottie Haigh
Make Up: Danielle Alexander

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