Time for Two

Copper Bath with Champagne and Strawberries

Escape to our luxurious VIP room, complete with copper bath, and experience a 25 minute Bath Ritual followed by a treatment of your choice. You will also have access to the Escape Zone after your treatment.

Bath Ritual

The Bath Butler will prepare your bath with your choice of aromatherapy oil, and the bubble jets will help relieve muscle tension. You will then be left to bathe by candlelight with a glass of chilled champagne and Horto Chocolates to relax before your chosen treatment.

On the day, tailor your bath ritual by choosing one of the following therapy oils

REJUVENATION – Wood element

Helps restore and invigorate body and mind, boosts the immune system and alleviate aches and pains.
Contains: Rosemary / Ho Leaf / Lemongrass / Nutmeg

ZEST – Fire element

Helps promote vitality and clarity. A perfect tonic for jet-lag, lethargy and mind fatigue.
Contains: Basil / Sweet Orange / Rosemary / Ylang Ylang

BALANCE - Earth element

Helps restore equilibrium, grounding and calming.
Contains: Cedar Wood / Mandarin / Lime / Frankincense

DETOX - Metal element

Helps purify and stimulate sluggish systems. Eliminates toxins, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, whilst boosting the spirit.
Contains: Grapefruit / Juniper Berry / Rosemary / Geranium

SOOTHE – Water element

Helps unravel stress and tension by calming the nervous system, and promoting peace of mind and wellbeing.
Contains: Rose Damask / Chamomile / Lavender / Vetiver

Choose your treatment from the selection below.

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Couples Connect


2 hour 15 minutes (including Bath Ritual)
£350 per couple

Focusing on reconnection-love-happiness. This top to toe massage ritual helps calm the nervous system and promotes reconnection on a physical and emotional level. Focusing on the heart, sacral and crown chakras, it draws on the strengths of three therapeutic oils: rose, the oil of love; orange blossom, the flower of bliss; and jasmine, the oil of uniting love; along with warm Himalayan salt poultices to rebalance the mind and body.

Duo Massage Masterclass

Elemental Herbology

1 hour 45 minutes (including Bath Ritual)
£290 per couple

Relax side by side as your spa therapists perform a back, neck and shoulder massage. You will then each be coached in the art of simple massage technique with time to practise on each other. Take away these skills so you can continue massage relaxation at home.

Create your own

£90 per couple +treatment cost

Combine the Bath Ritual with your chosen treatments of 50 minutes or more from the treatment menu.

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Contact us or call on 01423 871350

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