Rudding Park hides golden tickets in chocolate bars as part of giving back initiative

To celebrate the release of the new ‘Wonka’ movie, Rudding Park in Harrogate has hidden ten Golden Tickets in Harrogate Chocolate Factory Bars of chocolate and the lucky winners will be able to experience a private cinema screening at Rudding Park.

Peter Banks dresses as Willy Wonka

The Harrogate Chocolate Factory is a social enterprise to support young people with learning disabilities and autism gain the confidence and skills they need to achieve paid employment. They help to; support producers of ethically sourced and sustainably grown ingredients, grow the social enterprise helping to make inclusive employment a reality and produce healthy and nutritious chocolate full of antioxidants and free from nasty allergens.

Peter Banks, from Rudding Park commented: “We are committed to supporting local charity and community groups and as part of our Giving Back initiative we have a number of young adults from Harrogate Chocolate Factory working at Rudding Park. We are delighted to be able to help increase awareness of their amazing work supporting those with learning disabilities and autism. Of course, the release of the Wonka film presented another opportunity to team up with Harrogate Chocolate Factory and I look forward to distributing their chocolate bars to Rudding Park guests, who also might discover some golden tickets!”

Trinity Horn, Harrogate Chocolate Factory Lead said “as a small social enterprise, we are so incredibly grateful for the support from Rudding Park; whether that’s employing some of our young adults to inviting us to hide golden tickets!”

Harrogate Chocolate Factory Cafe is located at No. 9 North Park Road (next to Harrogate Odeon). Pop in to buy a chocolate bar and you might be lucky enough to discover one of the 10 golden tickets. Café opening times: Monday to Friday: 9am-4pm and Saturday: 9am-2pm.

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