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Afternoon Tea

Spa with Afternoon Tea’ is one of the most popular searches when looking for a spa. As such, it would be remiss of us not to offer our spa guests the opportunity to combine their love of spa with the British obsession with afternoon tea!
Available from 3 January 2018.


Apples are good for your health and well-being which is the ethos of the Spa. The golden apple is a focal point within the Mind and Sense Zones and reflects the warmth and luxury of the interiors, the product ranges and the guest experience within the Spa.

Rudding Park Spa Golden Apple


Concept Architect, Euan Dryburgh developed the initial design and it was then over to Leeds based Enjoy Design who were responsible for the implementation and delivery. The final design had to combine quiet, calm elegance, with a ‘wow factor’ for guests as unique as the existing hotel. The result is a building in harmony with the natural environment, further enhanced by the fully landscaped roof terrace. The scale of the building is deceptively large, sitting low, and subservient to the historic hotel, with a simple, glass pavilion capturing the reflection of the adjacent landscape and being lost in the parkland scenery.

The bold lines of the glass covered section of the Roof Top Spa were planned by the Architect

Ashlar Stone

The original Rudding House is built from Ashlar Stone. To ensure a seamless aesthetic throughout Rudding Park it has been used on all subsequent developments, sourcing it from the same quarry in Doncaster to help unify the collection of buildings that make up Rudding Park.

The Quill, the newest sculpture at Rudding Park lights up the Ashlar Stone

Audio Zone

Located in the Mind and Sense Zones, the Audio Zone has been designed to centre mind and body listening to meditation and sound healing tracks through personal headsets available from spa treatment reception.

Laying back and relaxing in the audio zone, listening to music


Rudding Park Spa team have been trained by Lay Pang Ong, Art of Aufguss Champion. The practice involves a Master of Aufguss using essential oils to create a stimulating environment within the sauna and circulating the aromatic air using a towel-waving technique. The ritual leaves the audience both mentally and physically revived. Benefits range from a meditative state of mind to improving cardiovascular strength, boosting the immune system, as well as alleviating stress and pain. Spa members and guests are welcome to join the Art of Aufguss performance which will take place from 2 February 2018, or why not join an Art of Aufguss Workshop so you can perform this sauna ceremony.

Lay Pang Ong performing the Art of Aufguss


Since opening in May 2017 Rudding Park Spa has collected a number of awards including Best New Spa in the UK, Good Spa Guide Awards 2017 and Best Hotel Spa in the UK, The Sunday Times.

Rudding Park Spa team accept the Best Newcomer award at the Good Spa Guide Awards 2017

Ayurveda and Awareness

Nurturing awareness of oneself results in a more conscious and balanced state of health and wellbeing, allowing us to be more expansive in our outlook which improves our mind, body and soul.

Why not sample the Ayurveda way by opting for an Ila treatment at The Spa:
The holistic delivery of Ila treatments transports you to a deep sense of inner peace and tranquillity, a desired state that can help you feel that anything is possible.
Ila products are formulated and produced in England.
Ila, founded by Denise Leicester: a nurse, aromatherapist, yoga teacher and yogic healer, whose mantra is to “go beyond”, has channelled her purpose to a lifetime of exploring the importance of natural healing in our wellness. 

Read more about our product ranges.

Rose quartz is placed on the third eye

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