Win a Yorkshire Wedding Countdown - Week Three

Win a Yorkshire Wedding – Two Weeks to Go
Bridal Hair

Eloise visited the experts at The Hair Studio at Rudding Park for her bridal hair trial in preparation for her big day. Our wedding styling specialists share their top tips for making the best of your bridal hair routine. The sooner you begin nourishing your hair before your wedding day, the better! Our hair goes through a lot of trauma from applying heated styling tools, seasonal changes, waiting too long between trims, and of course colouring - so it’s always a good time to give your tresses some TLC…

Six months to go - Hydrate

If you aren’t already, make sure you are applying weekly hair treatments to restore moisture and shine. This can be achieved at home using hair masks when you’re in the bath. The steam opens hair cuticles and allows the moisture and nutrients to be fully absorbed leaving your hair super soft. You can also visit The Hair Studio for a Kerastase Indulgent Ritual- a sensory journey leaving you completely relaxed and your hair transformed using a prescriptive mask.


Three months to go - Strengthen

Even if you are growing your hair for your wedding, investing in regular trims will keep split ends at bay. As a rule it is best to have regular small trims than to let dead ends develop and have a lot chopped off in one go. Our Hair Studio offers a range of rituals perfect for hair in need of love and care.

This is also the perfect opportunity if you want to colour your hair for the first time, allowing some months to get used to your new look.

Six weeks to go - Inspire

Visualising your bridal hairstyle is a key part of the process, so make Pinterest your best friend. Searching for images of brides who have similar headdresses or veils to you can be really helpful.

Arrange your hair trial and bring everything with you- pictures of ideas, your veil/headdress, details of your dress (neckline, colour, style), and anything else that will influence your hairstyle.

It is best to avoid purchasing any hair accessories until your hairstyle is set in stone. If flowers are what you’re dreaming of, remember to give your florist plenty of notice.

Four weeks to go - Cut

Last call for a cut before the big day! Take some time out of wedding planning and relax with a cut and blow-dry. If you are using your own hair stylists, our wedding stylist specialists can advise how much should be cut according to your planned hairstyle.

One week to go - Colour

If you’ve got regrowth or want your highlights refreshed, now is the time for a colour boost. No experimental colours though!

One day to go - Wash

Give your hair a shampoo and condition (our trick- shampoo twice for that salon-soft feeling) the morning before your wedding day. Conditioner makes your hair sleek and slippery which can stop it from holding so leaving your hair time to settle will help your hairstyle last on your wedding day. You should also avoid using straighteners- keep it au natural! 

On the day - Relax

All you need to do is make sure your accessories are ready and leave the rest to us! Sit back and relax whilst we prepare you for your special day. To keep your hair looking perfect, make sure you are wearing a button-up top or one which will easily lift over your head without touching your hair.


I loved my hair trial at the Hair Studio and make-up trial (more on that next week) and now wish I could look like that every day!

Next week – We visit the Rudding Park Nail and Beauty Studio for Eloise’s bridal make-up trial