Beat the January blues and feel good about yourself!

I recently visited a famous food manufacturer in the North of England who, in the lead up to Christmas told me they make 4 million pork pies a week. However, in January it tails off and that is when there is great activity at the Ryvita factory!

Bearing this in mind I am thinking healthy, well trying my best! The January blues are upon us, along with the realisation that the pennies need to stretch for a few more days after the frantic Christmas period. There are however, some things we can do to make ourselves feel much better – a visit to the Rudding Park Spa is a great start at this time of year!

However, at home this is when I drag out the slow cooker. I think of the slow cooker as I think of a Sous Viede machine in the kitchen: always there, reliable and cooks food to a tender treat. Once on you can relax in the knowledge that it will always work its magic.

So what to cook? Slow cooked rabbit in winter is a treat. Its abundant, cost effective and tastes lovely – you just have to get over the fact it is rabbit!

Yes my thumpers, this recipe should have your ideas refreshed.

Mumble Rabbits (Poached Rabbit with Fresh Herbs and Onion)

This old English recipe has been re vamped by the Wild Cook to give this hearty winter casserole a lighter finish with some jasmine rice and fresh herbs.

Serves 4

2 large rabbits (skinned, gutted and cleaned)
A bunch of parsley (coarsely chopped, save some for garnish)
A bunch of mint (coarsely chopped, save some for garnish)
3 onions (peeled and chopped)
3 pints of chicken stock
4 hard boiled eggs
150 g butter
4 portions of cooked jasmine rice
Roasted garden vegetables of your choice
A small carton of soured cream
Approximately 20 crispy fried capers


Place the clean, dry rabbit on a chopping board and stuff with the chopped onion, coarsely chopped mint and parsley (remember to reserve some parsley and mint to use as a garnish)

Take some clean butchers string and sew the rabbit together.

Place the stuffed sewn up rabbits into a pan, pour in the chicken stock until covered, and poach until the rabbit meat is tender (top up with water if you need to)  This process will take up to an hour.

Remove the rabbit from the pan and allow to cool. Remove the string and discard.

Next, remove the rabbit meat from the bone in chunks.

Reduce the stock down to a sauce (you will need approximately 1/3 pint)
Take the diced onion, herbs and rabbit pieces and fry in a pan with some butter.

Add the yolks from the hard boiled eggs into the pan, and crumble them in to the mix.

Serve with some steamed rice and some deep fried capers for a slight bite to the dish.

Place the rabbit and onion around the plate.

Pour the sauce around the outside and serve with oven roasted vegetables.


Why as a nation do we not like rabbit? I cannot really understand – it’s as lean as chicken if not more so. Its everywhere, and yet if you put it on a menu it rarely sells! We all need to re-think the rabbit. I guess I am as guilty as the next person and yet when I eat rabbit, I like it a lot!

So come on people hop to it!

Steph (what’s up doc!)